Litigation Services

Trial Prep and Consulting

Trial Prep

Preparing for trial takes a lot of time, energy, and focus.  There are so many moving parts.  Our team is experienced in every aspect of trial, having assisted in over 100 jury trials.  We can help you with pre-trial preparation such as witness prep, crafting effective openings and closings, outlining voir dire, creating exhibit notebooks, creating visual aids/demonstratives, and overall trial strategy.  If you want someone to attend trial with you to assist with parts of trial (e.g. jury selection or trial technology) or the entire trial, we have you covered.  Why make trial more stressful than it already is?  Let us take on some of that stress for you.  We are your partners in stress. 

Litigation Support

Contract Paralegal

Your litigation practice is busy; but, your time is best spent on generating business and on the strategic aspects of the case.  Our team is experienced in all aspects of the litigation process.  Let us handle daily litigation tasks such as drafting: lawsuits, correspondence, pleadings, initial disclosures, discovery, expert disclosures, motions, subrogation/lien negotiation, and more.  If it is related to litigation, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver you an excellent final product.

Expert Witnesses

Doctor Experts

Expert witnesses can make or break your case.  A great expert can increase the value of your case by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  On the other hand, an ineffective expert can decrease the value of your case.  Our team has strong relationships with competent, reliable, experts from a variety of fields.  Let us connect you to the right expert to bolster your case.

Jury Focus Groups

Jury at Trial

When you are gearing up for trial, it is very important to hear what lay people think about your: case, client, facts, strategy, visual aids, etc.  We have conducted jury focus groups for small and big cases.  Whether you just need someone to find and coordinate the mock jurors or you want someone to conduct the focus group with you, our team can help.  Let us set up a focus group for you to get that much-needed, pre-trial feedback so that you will be laser sharp at trial.

Mediation Consulting


With most judges requiring ADR in every civil case, settlement conferences are more important now than ever.  This is a time to reach a positive result for your client without the need for or expense of trial.  We can help you with this process, from preparation of a settlement statement or other pre-mediation materials, to strategizing with you on your approach, and attending the mediation with you to assist in resolving the case.  Our team has helped successfully obtain over $25 million in mediation settlements including a 7-figure settlement.  Let us put that experience to use for you and your client.

Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing

Marketing your legal services is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago.  If you are not utilizing the internet effectively, you are doing yourself and your practice a disservice.  Your online presence can help build your reputation and generate potential clients.  Meanwhile, a bad online presence can damage your business.  Through our sister company, Exquisite Marketing Group, we can help build your social media engagement and overall online marketing processes. 

Additional Services

We offer a variety of services that are not specifically listed under our litigation services on this site, including our pre-litigation offerings.  We also have partner companies and firms that complement our service offerings.  If you have any case need that is not listed, please contact us to find out more.